Engine description

Some features of the engine and their brief comments are listed below.

1) Main primitives are spheres and associations of spheres. Scenes could contain dozens of thousands of spheres.

2) The main feature of the engine is almost complete absence of scene preprocessing, including preliminary calculation of lighting. Light maps and other things like those are absent. Thus, on each step positions of both light sources and objects can considerably vary.

3) Global light sources - "suns" and local spotlights are supported, shadows are rendered again for every new frame. Any object of the scene can shade any other, even if they are far apart.

4) Softness of shadows is supported.

5) Rendering is carried out in true color.

6) Overlay and bilinear and bicubic filtering of textures are supported.

7) Transparent spheres management is supported, spheres' transparency degree can dynamically vary. So transparent spheres can smoothly turn opaque and vice versa.

8) Color lighting and independent transparency for each color channel are supported.

9) The engine has a valuable feature - permanent frame rate. So medium frame rate differs a little from minimal one. For example, in 1600x1200x32 mode medium frame rate can be 35 FPS, and minimal - 30 FPS. The engine has been designed to reach high minimal frame rate, because it is more important.

Here is engine's header file. Spherical_Engine.h
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