July 03 2013 19:00

New version AntiPlanet Reflections is released. download
It includes new levels, introduces speed enhancements, better anti-aliasing and AI improvements. Some screenshots from a new version Screenshot, Mirrors, Mirror wall of the level, Evil Flowersl, Spherical Flowersl
New levels are to come.

April 14 2011 12:00

Adaptive anti-aliasing is added. Update is here (betta version).
Unpack it to AntiPlanet Reflections folder and replace existing file Spherical_Engine_Cuda_v2.dll
Version with anti-aliasing is slower but delivers superior image quality.

December 31 2010 19:00

AntiPlanet Reflections now is twice faster.
About 43 fps in 1280x1024 and 27 fps in 1920x1200 on new video cards Geforce GTX.
Minimum fps is near average.

December 19 2010 21:00

AntiPlanet Reflections engine was updated with performance enhancements (up to 50% speed up) and minor monster's AI improvements. Refer AntiPlanet
section. New levels are to come.

September 17 2010 21:00

AntiPlanet2 was recently published on Terragame website inside Shooting games , Action games , Shooter games .

May 15 2010 12:00

(Outdated) Stand-alone performance test is available antiplanetr.exe
Some results are posted in the special theme in conference Built-in game test may have unstable results on scenes with moving monsters cause of random order of monsters.
For better fps on old videocards in game decrease screen size in video options panel.

May 05 2010 19:00

AntiPlanet Reflections is released. download
It features new 3D engine with full support of reflections. GPU with CUDA support is required to run AntiPlanet Reflections. It also includes new scenes. Some screenshots from a new version SphericalFlowers, Tentacles

February 21 2010 23:00

Two new videos Night level and Day level

February 14 2010 23:00

AntiPlanet was updated with 3 new levels. Crystals, FlyingCrystals and Tentacles. Refer AntiPlanet section
Version with OpenCL support and better CUDA optimization is on the way. Also new effects are planned.

February 09 2010 19:00

Screenshots from a new levels (Though, static picture does not show shadow play) Crystals, Tentacles

November 11 2009 15:00

Sketch of the model from upcoming levels sketch

October 07 2009 21:00

AntiPlanet is supporting CUDA on NV GeForce now. download last version here
Cuda version features bicubic textures and high performance in high resolutions such as 1920x1200.
Please, mail cudafeedback if you have problems with cuda version.
Note, win7 RC is not fully supported in cuda release, use latest drivers for win7.

September 03 2009 21:00

Check AntiPlanet2 video at IndieGameVideos
New levels are to come.

August 19 2009 19:00

AntiPlanet2 was released. It features new performance and gameplay optimizations as well as new locations. Refer AntiPlanet section.
Screenshot of one new level Fallenflowers

June 30 2009 19:00

Demo version of AntiPlanet2 was updated with new levels.
Some screenshot of new levels Evilflowers

June 19 2009 16:00

Demo version of AntiPlanet2 with improved and new levels is released. It also features improved texturing and performance.
Some screenshots from new version Terrain, NightTemple3, Plant,

January 06 2009 23:00

AntiPlanet was updated with minor fixes. New version is under way. VirtualRay is seeking for hobbyist/enthusiast 3D modeler or level designer for game AntiPlanet. Ability to create models from spheres or spherical primitives is required. This is internet work, you can use our custom Spherical Editor or any popular 3D editor for modeling. Please, contact

August 31 2007 23:00

New demo version of AntiPlanet with new levels is released. Version has graphics landscape improvements, increased level of detail and presents better support of multi core processors.

August 22 2007 22:00

Site conference is now open!

August 22 2007 21:00

Screenshot from new level. NightTemple
New updated version with new levels and better support of quard core processors is planned to release.

June 21 2006 19:00

Screenshot from new demo version.

June 19 2006 19:00

New scaleable version of engine was released. It presents enhanced support of dual core processors and makes acceptable high resolutions up to 1600x1200 on newest processors. Refer AntiPlanet section. New levels are underway.

June 13 2006 19:00

Free version of AntiPlanet game was released. Refer AntiPlanet section.

May 31 2006 19:00

Source code of AntiPlanet game will be opened probably. New demo of VirtualRay engine is to come.

March 27 2006 19:00

New version of VirtualRay engine will be targeted to render high detailed spherical worlds.
Developers section was updated.

April 12 2005 16:00

Some sketches from new version have been released.
Fountain Temple2 Temple Flower bed R1 Level

December 25 2004 18:00

New version will be released when multi-cored processors become widely spread.

September 19 2004 16:00

New version of engine with improving level of detail and scalability has been created. New demo-version possibly will be released next year.

July 24 2004 16:00

Significantly new version of AntiPlanet game is under way and would be available at the end of the Indian summer. It will use new optimized version of engine. It will include more detailed and large levels. Developers sections of the site has been updated and improved.

June 17 2004 23:00

New more scalable version of engine with significant speed optimizations is under way and preparing to release. New version features more detailed scenes.

March 25 2004 19:00

VirtualRay is seeking for hobbyist/enthusiast/freelance/professional 3D modeler and level designer for game AntiPlanet and Spherical ray tracing benchmark. Ability to create models from spheres is required. This is internet work, you can use our custom Spherical Editor or your 3D Max for modeling. Please, contact

March 18 2004 23:00

Demo with infinite planet and random generated landscape has been updated and improved. Random landscape has been detailed. Refer AntiPlanet section.
New AtniPlanet game with large planets and complex landscape is underway. Add-ons to current version will not be available soon.

March 10 2004 23:00

New unplayable demo with infinite planet and simple random generated landscape has been released. Refer AntiPlanet section.
Playable demo of large planet with complex landscape is underway.

February 11 2004 16:00

New optimization patch has been released. It presents significant speed improvements especially on newest Athlon64 and Pentium4 processors, Hyper-Threading and SMP systems. Refer AntiPlanet section.

January 13 2004 22:00

VirtualRay announces Spherical Scene Contest for best complex demo scenes for upcoming VirtualRay Spherical Raytracing Benchmark. Send your scenes here

January 09 2004 00:02

Spherical Engine - special tool for constructing scenes and models for AntiPlanet - has been released. See AntiPlanet section.
Please, send questions and suggestions about the editor.
New special AntiPlanet game site is under construction. New game levels and monsters are to come.

December 23 2003 19:00

New version of AntiPlanet has been released. It includes some local optimizations.

December 12 2003 23:00

New share-ware version of AntiPlanet has been released. Please, view AntiPlanet section. Mission line has been added. As well as new scenes and monsters have been.
You can also download quality AntiPlanet soundtrack.

October 17 2003 01:00

New version of AntiPlanet with many local refinements has been released. Monsters, game interface and graphic engine performance has been improved.

August 03 2003 02:00

Technology presentation of Sperical Engine with wide theoretical basis and functional API description is released. Here is the link. It also includes link to pre version of VirtualRay SDK with source code examples.

May 28 2003 02:00

New version of game AntiPlanet is released. Music is added. It also presents graphic engine speedup in high resolutions. And new scenes and monsters are added too.

April 14 2003 22:00

Site guest book is open now. It is ready for your comments. New version of AntiPlanet game is under construction.

December 28 2002 00:00

A demo version of 3D-shooter game AntiPlanet is released. This is first PC 3D-shooter game based on real-time raytracing engine. The demo includes three levels, four monsters and three game modes. Version with sound and music as well as improved 3D-engine is under way.

August 31 2002 22:30

New demo version has been published. It involves new scenes with numerous lights. And softness of shadows added (only for SSE).

May 28 2002 22:00

Updated demo version has been released. Speed optimization performed. Most important new feature is SMP and Hyper-Threading support. New demo scenes involved.

March 27 2002 12:00

A totally new version has been released. It shows realistic 3D world built of a huge amount of spheres. It's alien world which is made of balls. New screenshots have been added.

November 29 2001 12:00

Engine demo has been updated. Shadows quality has been considerably improved (Only for CPUs with SSE support)

November 27 2001 23:00

The article by Lev Dymchenko about an engine VirtualRay and 3D-graphics is published. Here is the link.

November 12 2001 18:00

New demo-version is released. It includes many wonderful scenes and CPUMultiMedia3DTest! This test measures CPU's FPU and SSE performance in graphics. Demo also gives an opportunity to construct and destroy scenes in real-time.

July 15 2001 18:00

New features have been added to the engine. Most important are local sources of light. A version for processors without SSE support has been made too. CPU perfomance test based on the engine is under construction. Its release is scheduled on the end of August.

March 8 2001 21:43

Added 3 new screenshots to Screenshots section. Screenshots.

March 8 2001 21:43

Engine's description has been added to VirtualRay Engine section.

March 8 2001 19:07

The site is born! Description of the engine will be added soon. For any questions please mail.

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