Strategy and Tactics


This page is devoted to my first complete computer game real-time 2D war strategy. I had developed it in 95-96 years while I was a student.



Example of terrain map for the game with rivers and forests.




Example of the game screen. Shields symbolize medieval warriors with swords, spears etc. Independent units were joined in groups and management could be performed on group level as well as on unit level.



Different map scale. Units are drawn as points. There could be 18x18 units on each side. Groups could use different formations.


Army is formed and ready to battle.



Battle. Fighting units are market with swords.


Here you can download the game (1MB)



To run, select file meg_editor.exe and open it. Then in main menu select Battle->New Battle, open subdirectory War and select file *.mw

You can expect inessential problems with game window under WinXP.